Naruto Shippuden Episode 495 Subbed

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Naruto Shippuden Episode 495 : “Title”


  • TheBoomguy64

    The animation are so bad, no wonder the can pull up two episodes xD

    • HD34

      But this isn’t bad at all, man. Seriously. It’s just a funny episode with good jokes.

  • Osiris

    Wow I just wasted 20 mins of my life

    • HD34

      No, you didn’t, man, seriously, it’s the second part of this novel.

    • Argentarii Homini

      I wasted about 2 minutes, because I was skipping all the rubbish… which happened to be the entire episode.

  • An Anime Fan

    Yep, I wondered what has happened….

  • HD34

    This is on gintama’s level, funny moment.

  • twirk

    loved the episode

  • Sorr0 *

    is this an attempt to bring back rock lee and his ninja pals or something

  • Victor Cartey

    this is the funniest thing bros. Aww just knowing that Naruto will end puts me to tears…

  • 지윤

    i need fillers for this can someone help me out

  • Alexei

    why is orochimaru even there?

  • adel

    this is awful filler gave me a headache

  • Jayeon Grey

    to my grand kid
    once upon a time there was a series called fillers inbetween they show some naruto story which was awsome

  • trvp. prince

    Boy don’t you just love filler episodes they’re so.. Stupid I hate watching them on accident