Boruto: Naruto Next Generation Episode 28 Subbed

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Boruto: Naruto Next Generation Episode 28 : “”


  • badri

    w8 i saw samehada(shark skin) but its officially with bee since the war.It was a living thing and it prefered bee so it was with him right?

    • Carlos Ramos

      You might be right. I think that was the sword. Who knows what happened. It’s been years.

    • xGingalien

      Well for all we know the Hidden Mist probably reclaimed it in some way that rendered it dormant. The theory holds weight considering Suigetsu doesn’t have his sword either, which is probably the reason he was there.

  • Ķyłe Āīvï

    I was really hoping that suigetsu would save boruto, wait was suigetsu there to grab his sword??

  • Carlos Ramos

    So I found out that boruto has some skills but can’t take a hit. I wonder what his plan is.

  • Xmas

    Yo this feels like the six sounds versus naruto n his friend I’m getting hyped

  • Lincoln Marine

    If im not mistaken this should be after the 5 kage summit which relates to when Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki and his follower came. In the movie, (although it was a very short clip) they got bee to extract his eight tails. So he may be dead and they samehada was probably reclaimed by the hidden mist following that incident.