• Naagin2

    Boruto Episode 23 English Sub in hd on naagin2. xyz

  • Ivan

    Hell yeah thanks for uploading another one ! 😀

  • Ash_From_ Pallet_Town

    Naruto Gaiden is finally over now their may be some fillers and then i think they go for Boruto Naruto the movie plot

  • Carlos Ramos

    I wonder if Sarada notices that Sasuke only has one arm. I wonder if any of the kids ever wondered about why the Hokage has his arm all bandaged up.

    • Caras de Maldave

      because of hashirama cells implanted to naruto ang sasuke refuse

  • Annamendoza233

    What a satisfying episode. Thanks for the upload!

  • EX㊉ÐIA☥ 💥-={ OBLITERATE }=-💥

    Seeing Sasuke being sentimental towards Sarada is heart warming, it’s like Itachi taught him how to love and care for someone again.

  • Monosij Nayek

    Didn’t really expect a soft-hearted Sasuke. But it went pretty well. 😀 I guess the toughest part will now be naming and identifying all those Shins!

  • Naruto4Life

    Wooow amazing episode, but I think the shins are planning something we secretive…a plot twist.

  • Villanueva Sherwin

    I think Sasuke is really shy to show how he feel to Sakura.. but one thing’s for sure, Sarada has a wonderful parents.

  • ☆♬ Mert アタカン ☜

    lol Naruto used Conqueror’s Haki

    • Xmas

      Lmao N Sasuke uses Armement haki

      • eric

        and sakura has gura gura no mi lol

        • Xmas

          Nah she ate the useless useless fruit

  • Chronoblade

    So Sakura is a better fighter now i see?

  • Connor Walsh

    best episode