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  • Dan


  • Denis Çerri

    why tf does the episode have dislikes when it is not even uploaded yet???

  • Maki

    Who’s here to see sasuke? ❤

    • Lostsauce


      • Maki


  • Viliami Uasila’a Tau’aho

    Set a timer just for this.

  • Karthik Narayanan

    Waiting -_-

  • Joker Outline

    Come on man!! Sasuke is a fucking ediot

  • Miracles~

    damn!! please dont play with viewers’ emotions. Thats why people dislike this episode. Seriously, that ending really ups everyone nerves. Wew

  • Thisguythe27th

    BoruSara was in this, there’s still hope for the good ship :’), Boruto called Sarada weird just like Naruto did to Hinata, and Sarada looked at Boruto like she knew him inside and out, and understood him :’) Sill shipping Boruto x Hamburger but BoruSara is a need to happen.

  • Ashrena Ketchum

    looks like sarada just had a crush on naruto

    • Guest


    • Carlos Ramos

      What? Which part? I saw nothing like that.

      • Akarsh Singh

        The part where she says she feels so relaxed with the Lord Seventh.

        • Jelly

          She just admires him. Thats why she wants to be Hokage some day, unlike Boruto

  • Carlos Ramos

    Damn I can’t believe Sasuke was really gone for that long. It’s funny that he thought his daughter was one of “them”

  • Yoo Hara

    dad of the year goes to sasuke

    • Michael Robbins

      Of the year? That goes to Goku. He can’t give two fucks about his kids.

      I’d rather be raised by Casey Anthony or Bill Cosby than Goku…

  • Akarsh Singh

    If only Sarada and that Shin boy could see the whole Naruto Shippuden.

  • Garcia Jabaleta

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  • sad

    Sarada is the typical girl with daddy issues

  • ♥®❗✖♥

    Chocho 😘

  • Feelmetal Edwin

    Hahaha. Sasuke not realizing she’s his daughter, feels bad man