Boruto: Naruto Next Generation Episode 13 Subbed

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    Boruto: Naruto Next Generation Episode 13 : “Title”


  • Lashaun P Beazer

    The Ghost is the Class Rep’s Mother. Who she doesn’t approve of or like much. Which is why, when Mitsuki asked how did you feel when you were attacked, she responded “I don’t know. I just want it to be over”.

    • Jorge Dominguez

      Makes sense. I’m not too sure how far Mitsuki is wrapped around all this, but I’m guessing he figured it out by comparing the class Reps reaction to that of the interaction of Boruto and Naruto….the whole “I’m not sure thing”

  • dickweed123

    I don’t know who is the ghost but I’m pissed off at the fact that the preview of episode 12 was portrayed as if Boruto and Mitsuki were going to have a long conversation when it was a couple of minutes long and they didn’t even reveal who the hell was behind the ghost attack. Fucking hell.

    • Kidnee Octojin

      Mitsuki told Boruto who is behind the ghost attack…

  • 1080P Uploaded.

  • Khaled Hedayed

    Finally an awesome episode

  • Binx Lopez Bugarin

    great to see kakashi again!

  • naruto

    Damn.. i was waiting for naruto’s action, and it turned out 2 boruto’s action.. i mean like getting pulled into other dimensions n shit,, i miss the old days….

  • Chris Kinsey Jr

    mitsuki has got to be the snake orochimaru use to summon, or at least one from the snake relm like naurtos frogs

    • Djinnamon


    • nigger

      mitsuki is orochimarus child

  • Nasran Anuar

    class rep have a snake to

  • Misakii

    i think teleportation it’s sasuke


    Best episode untill now do..

  • Ashwed

    fuckkkk i was waiting for naruto kick some ass, goddammit

  • Tommy Williams

    how can this beast absorb naruto’s chakra when even pain could not if it absorb sage mods chakra it will transform to toad and naruto could defeat it without getting near he could throw rasen shuriken or something like that

    • Ayush

      Pain easily absorbed naruto’s Chakra but in the sage mode Naruto take its Chakra from nature and the Chakra absorber pain could not handle it and turn it into a Tod